Flag Day Can Be Fun And Educational For Kids

Flag Day is great fun for kids all over and they can have even more fun with Flag Day crafts. This will be easy for them to do and will give them their own decorations they can use how they want to. This can be very important for any kid.

Here is one craft that your kids can do. It is the stick flag craft. You will need to paint 5 craft sticks red and 4 other craft sticks white and then let them dry. Glue them together so that you have one white, one red, one white and so on. You can use one craft stick on the right side, two craft sticks that have been broken on the left side and in the middle so that you can keep the flag together. Cut a small square of blue construction paper. You can then draw lots of stars on the blue paper, use stickers of stars or cut out and glue stars. Once the glue on the flag is dry you want to turn it over and glue the blue square onto the flag. Then glue another craft stick onto the longer stick on the back of the flag. Let the flag dry and you have your own Flag Day decoration.

Another easy craft that kids will love to do is to make a candy flag. You will need to have small marshmallows, red small candies, blue construction paper, star stickers, white paper, glue and colors. On the white paper you will have the kids draw a rectangle. Then have them draw a small square in the top left corner where the stars will go. Take the blue construction paper and cut out a square to fit in the top corner. Then put the stars on it and glue it to the flag. Now have the kids make the stripes for the flag using the marshmallows for the white stripes and red candies for the red stripes. When they make the stars and stripes you can have them do 13 of each so that they will be making the first flag ever made. This will let them have fun and will give you a chance to teach them about the first flag.